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A facelift is a procedure that reduces and eliminates wrinkles and sagging skin caused by ageing or weight loss, to result in a more youthful facial appearance. Excess facial skin is removed, underlying tissue tightened, and the skin is re-draped at a higher position to achieve a firmer and smoother appearance of the face and neck – far beyond what can be expected from superior non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments. Facelifts can be effectively combined with eyelid surgery, liposuction of the neck and fat grafting, as well as non-surgical procedures like Botox and dermal fillers injections, for an even more rejuvenated appearance.


Mini facelift surgery is the most common facelift procedure performed today. It addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face and neck by means of small incisions made around the ears. Excess skin and fat are removed and tissue is tightened to restore definition to the chin, jawline and neck.


Blepharoplasty is performed to correct defects, deformities of the upper and/or lower eyelids, and to make the eyes appear younger and more alert. The removal of excess skin, muscle and fat reduces droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes and can also reduce or eliminate vision problems associated with severely sagging upper eyelids.


A brow lift, also called a forehead lift or browplasty, rejuvenates the area above the eyes by raising sagging eyebrows to restore a more youthful contour to the forehead skin, upper eyelids and eyebrows. The procedure can be performed on its own, or in combination with a facelift and blepharoplasty for a total facial rejuvenation.


Nose correction, technically called rhinoplasty and commonly known as a nose job, is undertaken to change the shape of the nose or improve its function. It is performed for both medical and cosmetic reasons, which include the correction of nasal breathing problems, the correction of disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects, and the changing of the nose’s shape and form to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance – to enhance self-image and increase self-confidence.


Otoplasty is a procedure done to correct protruding ears so they better suit the natural contour of the face. The procedure is usually performed on children and young teenagers to correct ears that are too large, asymmetrical or protrude outward. It is unsuitable for children younger than five, as their ears are still growing and developing.

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